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Deliver Your Message in Multiple Languages

An engineering firm, in Eureka, Missouri has created new global opportunities to expand their business operations overseas mainly thanks to a translation firm helping them deliver their messages and documents in multiple languages.

EPIC Translations, based in Michigan, provides document translation and website localization service and to mid-market multinational corporations across a range of industries including manufacturing/engineering, automation, finance and health-care. Its client Rotometrics, a leading rotary engineering firm, were keen to expand their business worldwide but often struggled in communicating with their audience at a local level due to translation barriers. RotoMetrics reached out to EPIC Translations to help them localize their website into 6 languages:

  1. Chinese (Simplified)
  2. Spanish
  3. German
  4. French
  5. Italian
  6. Portuguese (Brazilian)

Tracy Hartman, Rotometrics’ Marketing Manager said of the service delivered by EPIC Translations, “we have industry-specific terminology, and EPIC Translations has adapted well to our specialty requirements for a variety of different languages.  When a direct translation would not yield the intended meaning of the source text, EPIC Translations was also able to offer us localized translations that convey our meaning more clearly. We have received exceptional service from EPIC Translations for our website localization project into 6 languages. Website localization is quite different than regular document translations and we certainly have the experience, expertise, and the linguistic resources to make sure our clients are successful.”

Speaking of the service offered by EPIC, its CEO Mostansar Virk said ‘we are proud to support RotoMetrics in their quest to increase global market share by localizing their website for 6 different markets and by translating highly technical documents and manuals’.

Is your business expanding globally and wanting to deliver clear and concise messages to your clients and business partners? Do you want to attract new business opportunities in new markets or interested in website localization service? You can contact EPIC Translations today on 734-786-8293 or via email at to receive a free price quote for your next translation project.

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