Website localization

Translating content for a website requires a different technique than translating other types of documents. Therefore, it is important that you work with a language service provider who understands this difference. Goals for website localization vary from company to company. But generally speaking, website content has to be translated from the ‘Marketing” perspective regardless if its related to Marketing or not. This in itself is a complex undertaking that not every language service provider can successfully manage.

Depending on your website hardware infrastructure, it might also be useful if the LSP is experienced in working with the server hardware and software. In some cases, this might not be necessary if you use a certain type of content management system that allows you to simply copy and paste the content onto the website. Moreover you have to decide whether you want to upload the content to your server yourself or if you want your LSP to do it. Having this option is quite comforting, albeit a little bit more expensive.

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