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Recap: US – Saudi Arabia Business Opportunity Forum

The 2nd US-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum was held in Atlanta, GA from December 5 – 7, 2011. I had the distinct pleasure to participate in the forum. Below is a recap of the forum and the opportunity presented by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

It was a very successful meeting of over 1000 business people and government officials at the highest levels from the US and Saudi Arabia that aimed to explore trade and investment openings in the Kingdom.

Some facts about Saudi Arabia:

  1. It is the largest economy in the region
  2. Member of G20
  3. Ranked number 12 by World Bank in its “Ease of Doing Business” out of 183
  4. Private sector contributes 48 percent of the country’s GDP
  5. Educational initiatives have received more than a quarter of national budget

Saudi Arabia represents $1.4 trillion in investment opportunities. The following sectors have the highest budgeted amount for investments:

  1. Privatization of state owned assets through 2020 – $800 billion
  2. Infrastructure – $149 billion
  3. Petrochemicals – $92 billion
  4. Power Generation – $91 billion
  5. Agriculture – $28 billion
  6. Telecommunications – $60 billion
  7. Desalination – $88 billion
  8. Natural Gas – $50 billion
  9. Education / Training – $11 billion
  10. Information Technology – $9 billion

If you are considering offering your products / services in KSA, EPIC  Translations is able to provide a great deal of assistance such as:

  • Immediate availability of in-country talent for high growth sectors
  • Software & Website localization
  • Document translations
  • Interpretations – In person / Over the phone

Thank you and I look forward to establishing a successful business relationship with you during 2012 and beyond!

Mostansar Virk, President

EPIC Translations

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