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Translate English to French: A Hydrocarbons Industry Challenge

A short review on how we helped Aspect Energy, LLC translate English to French for their important hydrocarbons contracts.

Expanding to new markets is a complex and challenging task for a thriving business. This is especially true when they are trying to establish a presence in new markets. Any new global enterprise will face cultural and linguistic barriers. It’s incredibly important to remember to connect with the local language and culture. EPIC Translations had an opportunity to help Aspect Energy, LLC translate English to French in some of their highly important technical documents.

Flawless and Highly Professional

“A large part of what I do involves putting together International Petroleum Agreements around the world,” said Tonye Oki, a legal counsel for Aspect Energy. “These types of contracts are sensitive, extremely complex, highly technical, and very lengthy. I had one of these that had to be translated to French within 72 hours. EPIC Translations impressed me. They delivered the work efficaciously and expeditiously!”

Epic Translations worked with Aspect Energy to translate English to French for their hydrocarbons contracts

How did we translate English to French so quickly?

First, we recognized that this intricate task required more than just translating words from English to French. Instead, we had to utilize our deep understanding of technical terms specific to the hydrocarbons sector. We needed a nuanced approach, recognized the intricacies of both the French language and the oil industry.

After all, technical terms are incredibly complex. Without relevant context, it’s difficult to make accurate translations.

Experienced Translators

Second, in the case of Aspect Energy we recognized that only a handful of translation experts in the industry could successfully handle such a complex task. Simply put, it came down to using the correct contexts and terms that resonate throughout the industry.

For this reason, we only work with proficient translators. In the end, they must understand the nuances and details of your industry in both your and desired target language.

“Out of nearly 600 professional French translators that we could have worked with, only four translators met our criteria. Together, they had the necessary years of experience in the mining, oil and gas sectors. We successfully translated, edited, and proofread more than a 15,000-word document within two business days”, said Mostansar Virk from EPIC Translations. “We also understood the environmental, cultural, and social concerns that go along with working in one of the world’s most challenging industries. Our quality and responsible approach to document translation services provide our clients with trust and comfort.”

Experience You Can Count On

When you work with EPIC Translations, you can rest easy knowing your business is in good hands. As one of the world’s most experienced and recognized language services companies, we consistently provide the best possible translation assistance. We’ll help to keep your global operations ahead of your competition.

We’ve built our business model on developing lasting and trustworthy relations with our clients. It’s a humbling experience to help thriving businesses to reach new international customers by bridging these cultural and linguistic gaps.

Contact us to find out how we can work with you to expand your presence worldwide!



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