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Become More Competitive Abroad When You Translate English to Chinese

When English-speaking companies look toward China, they see more than one billion potential customers.

But because English and Chinese are such vastly different languages, it is imperative that your company is able to translate English to Chinese in a way that is contextually accurate, especially if you’re in the automotive, manufacturing, marketing or legal fields.

That’s why so many companies choose EPIC Translations as their go-to source for fast, highly precise translation services. EPIC has more than 20,000 human translators throughout the world, enabling us to quickly and accurately translate English to Chinese documents for any company.

Whether you’re selling finished automobiles or auto parts, proper communication is key to success. That means warranties, part descriptions, driver’s manuals and more all need to be completely understandable to a Chinese audience if you want to retain and grow your customer base. By partnering with EPIC Translations, you’ll always have peace of mind knowing you’re working with true professionals who can translate English to Chinese with maximum fluency.

Translate English to Chinese

Manufacturing companies who want to compete in China cannot have any mistakes with their translated documents. The people who purchase your goods need to be able to fully understand any instructional manuals, packaging and product descriptions with which they’re presented, which means you need a partner who truly understands how to translate English to Chinese. EPIC Translations can do exactly that for you. Whatever the document, we can ensure that it will be translated in a way that is contextually accurate, enhancing your reputation amongst your Chinese audience.

Marketing can be difficult to do in your own language, and translating it in a way that resonates within the Chinese market can be extremely difficult. Common phrases and word choices in English simply don’t work the same way in Chinese. But with the transcreation specialists at EPIC Translations, you can translate English to Chinese like it was second nature. We don’t just do a straight translation — instead, we make sure your marketing materials convey the proper tone in a way that reads like they were written by a native Chinese speaker.

When doing business abroad, legal documents such as shipping agreements, business deals and more cannot afford to have a single mistake. Any error can create a serious legal headache to resolve, costing you time and money to rectify the problem. But when you have EPIC Translations on your side, you can rest easy knowing that both sides of a business deal are in agreement as to what the deal entails. Simply put, when you accurately translate English to Chinese, trust is built and your business can grow.

EPIC Translations works with some of the largest brands in the world, providing turnkey solutions for document translation services. Our extensive client roster depends on us every day to deliver services such as document translation, website localization, desktop publishing and software localization expertise. Whenever you need to translate English to Chinese, EPIC Translations will be there to give you flawless, contextually accurate translations every time.

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