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The Times, They Are A-Changin’

Bob Dylan sang the song, The Times They Are A-Changin’, which was a ballad about how everything is changing.  And the times have changed quite a bit since he recorded that song.  Back in the 1960’s when he first sang the song, people were just getting accustomed to TV and to the fact that the world was big and we weren’t the only people in it. Now, 50 years later globalization has caused our world to change again.

Start Swimmin'

Start Swimmin’

With the invention of computers, Internet, and mobile devices with a continuous connection to the Internet, it seems that most companies have developed some type of contact with other countries. Companies are learning that going global means a bigger arena for their products and services and that means more money in their pockets. On the forefront, normally, have been medical providers such as doctors and nurses. Now, it seems that health, wellness and medical device companies are starting to expand to other countries as well.

As more countries are progressing and creating wealth, they are spending more on health and wellness. Thus more of the general population in those countries may be seeing commercials for food supplements, vitamins or specialty non-prescription pharmaceuticals on TV or the Internet. They see that these products are a little different from what may be available on the shelves of their local market. Some may even have a satellite and watch the different health related shows on TV and may want products that are all natural, organic, herbal, or maybe even vegan. With the Internet, they are now able to purchase those products. Sometimes the pharmacy down the street may learn about these products and decide to place them in their store alongside bandages, gauze and tapes that they always carried.

As things have progressed in globalization, more specialty type of products are being brought into various countries. Doctors in developing counties are able to find medical devices that will help some of their patients that are diabetic and need a specialty orthosis that will aid in wound healing.

Globalization is helping women and babies in developing countries with many specialty products such as enteral feeding tubes that can aid in saving childrens’ lives. Feeding tubes are used for children that are unable to swallow for various reasons. There are specialty items that globalization has brought to women in these developing countries such as medical devices for Gynecology and Urology.

As developing countries and their people continue to connect to the Internet there will be an increasing need for many other such medical devices. Yes, as Bob Dylan’s song goes, the times are changing or have changed and that is a good thing for medical device companies.

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