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Taking your company to China?

Want To Start Business Activity in China?

So you’ve decided to take the dive and start some level of business activity in China? Welcome aboard. So have many many other companies. What will set you apart? What create a China business plan ? What makes your company not be another statistic amongst the companies that “failed in China”? There really is no easy answer. If firms like Home Depot and Google are struggling in China then it is not an exaggeration when I say “tread carefully”  or “谨慎行事”。


Create a China Business Plan

While there are many law firms and other consulting firms that can help you to create a China business plan, one area where EPIC Translations can help you is making sure YOUR content is able to emotionally connect with the Chinese society. Believe it or not, this might be THE deciding factor in success or failure in your China investment.

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