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EPIC Translations has partnered with SYSTRAN to provide the most comprehensive AI-driven machine translation software ever created. Since the 1960s, SYSTRAN has risen as the undisputed world leader in machine translation software. Today the company works with 140 different language pairs, and their “Pure Neural Machine Translation” (PNMT) is state-of-the-art.

Instead of translating text word-by-word (as most machine translation software does) PNMT has customized algorithms to look at whole sentences and phrases.  This means the algorithm captures more of the context, producing highly accurate translations.

AI machine translation software enterprise server


SYSTRAN’s software can be deployed on your corporate network for in-house and fully-secured translation of your text, documents, and more in 50+ languages. 
AI machine translation software enterprise server


Based on pay-per-use plans and advanced professional translation features and customization with your own linguistic resources via the web interface, or REST API.

Our Solutions

Translation Technology

Through our open source community and R&D efforts, EPIC Translations & SYSTRAN provide the most advanced translation technologies - a total end-to-end solution for your translated documents, website copy, emails and more..

Post Translation Editors

EPIC Translations' network of 20,000+ human translators make certain that your machine-translated documents are fully production-ready.

Language Expertise

EPIC Translations has assembled translation expertise across all industries, disciplines, and experience levels. Whether it's law, finance, engineering, or another area, we'll hand-pick an elite team of translators to ensure flawless translations at a minute's notice!!

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