SUPER Technical Document Translations: RotoMetrics

EPIC Translations was selected by RotoMetrics to translate their SUPER technical documents from English to 8 different languages for their global operations.

As companies begin to cross borders and find success in different parts of the world, it is important to be able to communicate with multiple audiences. Although English has become one of the most commonly used languages online, many people are not able to engage with the English language only websites. In this scenario, a company may lose sales or opportunities due to not being sensitive to the needs of clients around the world. Creating a website that can be read in multiple languages can give a company a leg up in this ever-changing field of global commerce.

Translation almost appears to be a ubiquitous feature of some technology today. Supposedly, with the click of a button you can translate entire web pages into a language you can understand. However, these technologies are good for casual reading and definitely not intended for a professional setting. It’s an interesting experiment if one is familiar with more than one language to compare a computer translation to the original text. Often, it is not sufficient and, in some cases, unintelligible.

The problem with a computer translation is that it cannot differentiate between words that have multiple meanings or industry specific meanings. These algorithms and code often look for the most commonly used word, which can provide garbled sentences. In order to reach out to clients in other languages, it is far more successful to reach out to them in their language directly. It is not enough to rely on the availability of translation software.

Taking your company global can be a daunting task, and we want to help. EPIC Translations based in Canton, Michigan can bring your company to new levels. We have experience in translating into over 180 languages across multiple platforms. We have used our large resource base and industry expertise to bring many mid-level to enterprise-level companies to the global marketplace.

At EPIC Translations we believe that every day can be an opportunity to connect with a global audience. One of our clients, RotoMetrics, a leading rotary tooling company, looked to us to localize their website in to 6 different languages. In the tool industry there are often specific terminologies that allow the industry to communicate and be understood. This is important for many industries and requires additional resources for a translation to be effective. As RotoMetrics Marketing Project Manager, Tracey Harmon said, “We have industry-specific terminology, and EPIC Translations has adapted well to our specialty requirements for a variety of different languages. When a direct translation would not yield the intended meaning of the source text, EPIC Translations was able to offer us localized translations that convey our meaning more clearly. We have received exceptional service from EPIC Translations for our website localization project into 6 languages.”

Due to their needs, they could not allow a digital-only service to handle their translation needs. Translating industry-specific language requires knowledgeable and experienced linguistic resources; this process is often too complex for a computer to handle. The CEO of EPIC Translations, Mostansar Virk has put it this way, “We are proud to support RotoMetrics in their quest to increase global market share by localizing their website for 6 different markets as well as by translating highly technical documents.”

RotoMetrics is an industry leader with over 60 years of experience in the industry. With the help of EPIC Translations, they are able to expand their reach to five continents to deliver reliable solutions to their global customers. By using accurate and contextualized translations they were able to adapt and make their reach even greater.

By translating documents in their context we can help your company increase its reach and gain a greater market share. We helped RotoMetrics talk about their tools and services directly to their clients with industry specific terminology. This helped them become more visible in those markets and increase their influence in the industry.

Another company that used EPIC Translations’ technical document translation services is Rohner Inc., one of the leading chemical services providers. In short, Rohner’s offerings include highly differentiated chemistries – examples are hydrogenations and carbonylations at up to 64 bar, even under highly acidic conditions and in up to 4000 L reactors, and cryogenic reactions in up to 2500 L Hastelloy C reactors.

James Schwindeman, Ph.D, Rohner’s Executive Vice President said, “EPIC Translations translated a series of complex and technical documents in a timely fashion.  The translations were accurate, including some acronyms and industry-specific jargon. We will utilize the services of EPIC Translations again and highly recommend them to a company requiring translation services.”

Using professional translations can increase your credibility in the industry and make your company a leader and a trailblazer. By increasing your digital footprint, you gain more capacity to increase your visibility and reach out to potential clients. Through EPIC Translations you will have access to over 20,000 expert linguists specializing in your industry and over 180 languages. Whether it is a document, website, software, or other desktop publishing needs, EPIC Translation has the expertise to help you to increase your global market share.

Translations don’t just have an effect on a company’s reach; it can also improve the company’s ability to work globally. By having a reliable translation partner, communications between branches of the company can be clearer and more accurate. All of EPIC Translations linguists are vetted for their abilities in reaching deadlines and working within a complex framework, critical thinking skills, adaptability to a variety of work environments and proven analytical skills to understand the industry they are working with and translate with accuracy.

We have worked with a variety of industries since our company began operating in 2005. We have been successful in creating contextual translations in the automotive, information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, energy development, renewable energy, and robotics industries. Using our large resource pool we can align a translator that can suit the needs of your company’s need for specialized tone and terminology.

In addition to our translation services, we can also work for private interests. EPIC Translations has also assisted with matters such as adoption, immigration, education, finance, and legal services.

EPIC Translations has a proven record of helping clients reach their potential in their industry and expanding their ability to engage with the global market. The world market is growing at an amazing rate and it offers unprecedented opportunities for companies to make a difference and share their products or services with a larger audience than ever before. With expert technical translation services there is no telling what heights your company could reach.

Are you interested in expanding globally and attracting new business opportunities in globalized markets? Learn more about the technical translation services offered by EPIC Translations by contacting us at 734-786-8293 or [email protected]. We are ready to help take your business to the next level on the global stage.

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