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Should You Be Exporting to Iran?




If you haven’t been living under a rock then you’ve most likely heard that Iran and the P5+1 have reached a historic long-term comprehensive nuclear deal that will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon in exchange for lifting economic sanctions and enabling Iran to join the world economic system.

But what does this deal mean for the global economy? And more specifically, what does this deal mean for your global market share?

After the sanctions are fully lifted, “Iran will become the largest country to rejoin the global marketplace since the breakup of the Soviet Union” according to Time magazine.

The anticipation is that European and American sanctions on Iran are going to be fully lifted within 1 to 2 years. Ever thought how it could be beneficial to you, if at all?

This lifting of sanctions from Iran is going to represent an economic boost to not just the Iranian economy, but the global economy at large. Since the agreement of April 2015, many businesses have already taken keen interest in exporting to Iran. The trend will be accelerating further with the proper documented lifting of the sanctions, providing the much needed opportunity to Iran for exports and imports.

If you’re in any of the following sectors, you might have hit a gold mine in the form of access to the 2nd largest economy in the Middle East:

  1. Automotive
  2. Aviation
  3. Financial
  4. Liability insurance
  5. Medical Device Manufacturing
  6. Oil /energy
  7. Pharmaceutical
  8. Transportation

EPIC Translations has more than 300 qualified and vetted linguists who specialize in these industries.

We service quite a few language pairs, such as:

  • Persian < > English
  • Persian < > Arabic
  • Persian < > Turkish
  • Persian < > French
  • Persian < > Russian
  • Persian < > German
  • Persian < > Korean
  • Persian < > Chinese

And we are currently accepting new clients to assist you in preparing your content so your products and services can natively connect with the Persian consumers and businesses.

With all these benefits already in play, EPIC Translations’ conclusion is that taking interest in the Iranian market is a great opportunity for all exporting businesses operating in the above mentioned sectors.



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