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EPIC Translations not only offers the most affordable language services, but we also have the most qualified linguists with years of industry specific document translations experience. While other language translation companies might make similar claims, ours are actually true. We are more than happy to share our database of experienced linguists with you to show their level of experience and education!

These linguists are not just freelancers either; they are professional language linguists who actually work in your specific industry.  As a result, our translations read and sound native to ensure your content appeals to your target audiences. This approach ensures that we assist our clients in streamlining business communication among a variety of stakeholders.

Because of such high hiring standards, EPIC Translations pairs your company with hand-selected linguists who can deliver fast, reliable, and accurate translations for your industry. Human-based translations can consistently generate the most appropriate tone, style and dialect for your content, and because our network contains over 20,000 professional linguists, EPIC Translations can provide services 24-hours, 7 days a week. With linguists in every time zone, we can assure that your requests will be completed on or before  your required date and time.

No, There Is No App For That

Despite the outlandish promises offered by translation apps, no application can replicate the work of a human translator. Computer-based translations generate contrived sentences, ideas and words. Modifiers remain out of place. Sentences contain awkward, and often have grammatically incorrect structures. Even the syntax seems weak and muddled beneath egregiously translated words.

Real-Time Status Updates

With our secure online project management portal, EPIC Provision System (EPS), you can monitor the progress of your requests in real time. No more anxiety attacks! No more calling every 5 minutes to check on the status! You can submit new requests, and you can even schedule free test drive of EPS!

Experience The Benefits

Few companies can match the translation power of EPIC Translations. Thanks to our large and powerful network, we remain the most trusted and recommended translation company for helping global organizations increase their global market share.

Translation Services Michigan

EPIC Translations is the best online language translation provider in the State of Michigan. How can we state  that? Because most of the automotive suppliers and manufacturers, law firms, life sciences companies, and medical device companies  work with EPIC Translations to sustain and grow their global market share!

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