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English to German translation service


Our clients rely on us in order to communicate accurately with their stakeholders in German-speaking markets (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

We bring to the table reliable translators who can translate German to English as well as English to German documents.

We take an individualized approach to every project in order to create structured workflow standards that cover the initial translation, editing, and a thorough proofreading procedure.

The result? Our German to English and English to German translations are consistently top-notch and best in the world (just like German engineering).

While you focus on expanding your German market share, we’ve got your translation needs covered. Global brands like BrandSafway and others partner with EPIC Translations to translate their critical documents, such as:

  1. Product Manuals
  2. HR Policies
  3. Technical Specs
  4. Website Copy
  5. Medical Documents
  6. Legal Contracts
  7. User Guides
  8. Production Designs
  9. Marketing Collateral
  10. And More!

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Localizing Your Website for the German Market Will Drive Traffic!

For global brands it’s vital to maintain a high level of consistency in your communication across different languages. Our German to English and English to German translators have the experience to successfully manage your document translation needs so you can stay one step ahead of competitors.

Our translation workflows take into consideration your company’s and industry’s tone, style, and lingo. Why? In order to ensure the sentiments you wish to communicate to your global stakeholders reflect the intended meaning of the original source text.

We bring to a pool of skilled translators and subject matter experts when you engage EPIC Translations.


At EPIC Translations, we guarantee quality, timely, and production-ready translations.

We utilize a translation-edit-proofread (TEP) workflow: Following an initial translation by a vetted, experienced translator, each translation undergoes three full rounds of editing, review, and proofreading to ensure the highest possible quality. 

Got a document for internal consumption? Our machine-translation-post-edit (MTPE) workflow is used for more informal content. 

Translation quality standards adopted by EPIC Translations are based on ISO 17100:2015.

Our English to German and German to English translators familiarize themselves with your company’s preferences for terminology, style, and tone to ensure consistency and alignment with your global brand. 


Professional German Translation Services


Whether you’re looking to translate your website copy, product catalog, engineering manual, or looking for a legal document translation service, EPIC Translations is here to support your translation needs.

Need a quote for English to German or German to English translation? Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch shortly. Or, give us a call at (734) 786-8293. 

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