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EPIC Translations provides the highest-quality German translation services for your global business. Our experienced linguists deliver translations suitable for your company and industry jargon. We pride ourselves on our ability to translate German to English and English to German documents on time, every time.



Here at EPIC Translations, we have a team of expert linguists who have years of translation experience for the German and American markets. Our team of linguistic experts can translate German to English documents and English to German flawlessly.

If you have been looking for German to English document translation services, then we are excited to inform you about our world-class services.

Our German to English linguists are native English speakers with years of history living in Germany. Our English to German linguists are native Germans living in Germany with experienced related to your industry. This allows them to understand both countries and cultures. The same is true for our English to German linguists. They’re native Germans with years of living in the USA.



Professional German Translation Services

For companies seeking to enter the German market, you want your brand to be taken seriously. Thus, accurate translation of your critical documents and website copy are crucial.

More than 185 million people speak German worldwide. Also, Germany is a country that continues to see robust economic growth. EPIC Translations has the experience and resources to assist you in enhancing your brand and market share in Germany.

You need to shape long-lasting relationships with your employees, suppliers, partners, and customers in Germany and it can be quite challenging trying to figure out which German document translation services company offers a quality service. 

To better assist you in your decision-making process, here are just a few  of the services we offer our clients.


  • Document Translations (technical, legal, financial, and medical)
  • Typesetting and Graphics
  • Simultaneous Interpretations
  • Consecutive Interpretations
  • Legal agreement translations
  • Multicultural marketing translations

Translate German to English

We understand the many needs our clients have while operating in Germany. Plus, we understand the challenges they will face when documents are not translated correctly. That is why we have a rigorous quality control process to guarantee that your translated documents can be released into the marketplace with pride and dignity.

You can rest assured that when our team translates your documents for the German market, they will enhance your company’s brand.

Our work is always professional, accurate and delivered on time. We strive to maintain our reputation for providing a high-quality service at reasonable prices that are trusted by our clients.


translate German to English documents

Here are some considerations to keep in mind about the German language:

  • More than 185 million people speak it worldwide
  • All of the nouns are capitalized
  • The German language has lengthy compounds
  • They express deference in two ways. Formal ‘Sie’ and informal ‘du’
  • The ‘Sie’ is for 2nd person plural. The ‘du’ is for 2nd person singular

Our linguistic team has years of experience and will be able to translate documents for your international operations effortlessly.


German to English document translation

In today’s technological global landscape, businesses have changed the way they interact with their employees, suppliers, partners, and customers.

More importantly, it is now easier than ever to use free machine translation tools to translate German to English or English to German documents. So why should you hire a professional document translation services company? It’s when you want your documents to be contextually correct. It’a also when you want to enhance your company’s global presence. 

Translating is more than just converting words. It’s making sure the translation speaks to your audience in a way that enhances your standing in the worldwide marketplace.

Whether your documents are technical manuals, website copy, software content, legal, instructional manuals, or financial statements, EPIC Translations is more than capable to make sure the translations convey your company’s style and tone.

The primary reason to translate German to English documents for the German market is because of the number of companies that want to enter into the very lucrative German marketplace.

Commercial businesses have flourished in Germany for years. The need to flawlessly translate for the German market is essential if you want to increase your global market share.

German businesses such as Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Adidas have received worldwide commercial influence mostly because of their ability to connect with their intended worldwide audience.. Therefore, your documents must not only sound native, they should also emotionally and psychologically connect on a personal level. This cannot be done if you don’t take translations seriously.

These brands have become household names, and the influence that they have earned around the world is a testament to how Germany has become an economic powerhouse in the modern era.



Translation from German to English

EPIC Translations has been servicing most of the German and American automotive suppliers for quite a few years. We are proud to say that their global market share has continued to increase over the years. We can’t take all of the credit, of course. But our ability to accurately translate German to English and English to German  has been critical for our clients’ success.

Our German linguistic team will make the translating process straightforward when dealing with car manufacturers. Our expertise ranges from highly technical documents to website copy regardless of where you’re headquartered.


Professional German Translation

Translating legal documents can be a very nerve-racking experience. The laws in countries are not the same, and as a result, failure to understand what is being signed or what is involved in a legal document can be the cause of many future problems.

If you are in need of translating legal documents from German to English or English to German, our linguistic team will be able to guarantee the best quality, no matter how minuscule it might seem.

We offer a range of legal and litigation services including German document management, German electronic data discovery. Furthermore, deposition services, virtual data rooms, on-site document identification, and transcription services. Our qualified German linguists have experience working with all types of legal documents. Starting from patent applications, merger and acquisition agreements, trademarks and copyrights contracts.  Wills and trusts, employment and other business documents, leases, and much more. We encourage clients to contact us to discuss project requirements.



Translate document from German to English

Because Germany is one of the world’s economic powers, many international companies want to dip their feet into this lucrative marketplace.

To help you have a better grasp of our abilities, this is what our financial team translates on a regular basis:

  • Equity research reports
  • Banking documents
  • Loan documents
  • Journal statements
  • Brokerage statements
  • Investment documents
  • Financial projections

Our financial services clients receive the highest-quality German business translation services. We have expert German financial linguists and project managers that have prior training. They have huge experience in the German financial services market.



translate documents from English to German

Marketing is very much an essential element in the area of advertising. It can be somewhat challenging to advertise in different countries given that cultures are very different.

We have carefully selected our team of Multicultural Marketing Strategists to assist you in your advertising campaign.

Our German to English document translation services have been trusted and recommended by a number of large-scale advertising, marketing, and PR firms. We strive to maintain our reputation for providing the best German translation and related business services. We offer the most qualified linguists on our team for German advertising translation projects. Our agency offers a wide variety of solutions to meet our customer’s specific needs. Some of our services include German multicultural marketing, brand consulting, document translation. Furthermore, we offer typesetting, graphics, interpretation, website localization, and more.

We are confident that our Marketing translation team will be able to communicate your message or idea accurately



English to German translation service

If you are looking for a professional German to English document translation service or English to German document translation service quickly, accurately, & effectively, then look no further.

Here at EPIC Translations, we are very proud of the level of service we provide our clients. We are elated at the level of satisfaction that all of our clients have received from our services.

We believe in providing the absolute professional German translation services,. This is why our company has a rigorous quality control process. Our translation service for the German market will be a great asset to you in your business endeavors.

Reach out to us today and speak with one of our representatives. They can answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and, more importantly, forming a long-lasting relationship with you.

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