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Providing language services to Boston Public Schools



Recently, EPIC Translations was selected to provide ongoing language translation services to Boston Public Schools. When we received the contract, we took a deep dive into the BPS system to fully understand it in order to service it to the best of our abilities.  According to our research, there are 134 schools in the system, 4,220 teachers, 6,4711 other school-based staff, 1,564 central staff, and 57,050 enrolled students.

Of these students, 41% are Hispanic, 36% are Black, 13% are White, 9% are Asian, and 1% are tOther/Multiracial.

74% of BPS students are eligible to receive free & reduced-price meals in schools. 45% are eligible to receive food stamps.

BPS is organized around 7 essentials. These are (paraphrased):

  1. Use culturally relevant instructional practices
  2. Examine student work
  3. Invest in professional development
  4. Share leadership
  5. Focus resources to support instructional improvement
  6. Partner with families and the community
  7. Maintain high levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and equity.

As you can see, at least 2 out of 7 essentials deal with cultural relevancy. What is less obvious within these essentials is the need for language services.

Considering that 50% of the BPS students are either Hispanic or Asian, the need for language translation services cannot be underestimated. Some of the most common languages in the system are Spanish, Creole, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

To that end, BPS has budgeted almost $33 million towards English Language Learning (ELL). Usage of language services is a component of ELL.

There are approximately 22,853 students in BPS whose first language is not English. ELL budget is targeted towards these students at $1,440.20 per student.

In this regards, BPS obviously has multilingual teachers and staff who can communicate with these students to increase their learning efficiency.

EPIC Translations has derived a method to help save BPS more than $658,260 annually towards the ELL budget.

If you’re part of BPS and want more information on how we can help you save thousands of dollars annually for your particular school, please email us at BPS@EpicTranslations.Com or call 734-786-8293.

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