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Recorded language presents new obstacles for a native and non-native speakers alike. Whether transcribing written materials into audio files or vice versa, transcription demands an experienced linguistic expert. These specialists can compose written information into a clear, coherent conversation that makes proper use of word choice and pronunciation.

Because we use the best recording technologies and certified linguistic experts, EPIC Translations provides accurate, well-spoken recordings and written transcriptions. Whether it’s a medical report, legal briefing or conference recording requires translation, we offer transcription services in over 180 different languages. 

And, because we have linguistic experts stationed all over the world, you can trust that your transcription project is in the hands of a trained professional who understands your dialect and culture.

Simply put, here at EPIC Translations we provide the best transcription services money can buy.


EPIC Professional Transcription Services

Professional transcription services

Documents▫️Speeches◽️Videos◽️ YouTube◽️Dictation

EPIC Translation delivers quick and accurate transcription services. We understand the importance of having prompt and reliable transcriptions, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Thanks to our exceptional skills, our company has become one of the most trusted and highly sought after transcription service company.

Our team of transcribers have multiple years of experience in their areas of expertise. They can efficiently transcribe whatever documents, speeches  and media such as Youtube you may require. We deliver quality transcriptions quickly and at reasonable cost. When you work with our highly-skilled transcribers, you will get your requests completed on time and on budget.



 Legal Transcription Services


Medical Transcription Services



 Conference Interpretations


We offer our professional transcription services in many industries ranging from legal transcriptions to websites. One of our specialty industries is  medical transcription companies

Beyond that, we offer a wide range of transcription services for various industries.:

Business / Academic Transcription:

  • Conference notes
  • Dictation
  • Focus groups
  • Podcasts
  • Voicemail
  • Lectures
  • Thesis notes

Legal Transcription:

  • Hearings
  • Depositions
  • Taped interviews
  • Wiretaps
  • Court recordings

Medical Transcription:

  • HIPAA-compliant hospital transcription
  • Medical dictation
  • Radiology reports


Whatever the transcription task may be, from legal transcription services to medical , we have you covered! The transcription process employs a meticulous but reasonably straightforward workflow. Our rigorous and thorough transcribing process is designed to guarantee that you get the absolute best service possible. The process goes as follows:

best transcription Services

Step 1: We receive your order. We then assign a transcriptionist who has experience in your specific field.

Step 2: The copy is then sent to a seasoned transcriptionist for initial review.

Step 3: The transcription now undergoes another proof evaluation followed by an analysis via professional software . This is our backup check to guarantee there are no mistakes or grammatical errors.

Step 4: Lastly it undergoes one more proofreading by another seasoned transcriptionist.

This comprehensive process guarantees that you get the highest level of service possible!

The process might seem labor intensive. However,  it’s because we care. We designed it to guarantee you get the absolute best transcription service from us.

Subject Experts Matter. Your Transcriptions Matter.

Qualified Transcriber

Because we have a network of over 20,000 linguistic experts, we will only assign subject-matter experts in your field to your project. You will never be placed with a linguistic expert who is unfamiliar with your field. Why? Because EPIC Translations believes subject-matter experts provide the best transcriptions and translations for your materials.


 Quick Transcription Services

 24/7 transcription services

We offer fast transcribing services without sacrificing the quality of the transcription material. With the services we provide, you can take comfort in knowing that your project will be handled and delivered with utmost professionalism.

Here at EPIC Translations, our company is confident in our ability to produce outstanding service that will satisfy your transcription needs. We give our clients only the most highly-skilled translation talent. Plus, we value our clients’ business. We genuinely want our clients to succeed in their endeavors.

Turn to us for:

  • Expert transcribers
  • Great value
  • Secure
  • Quality control
  • A transparent process
  • Effective transcriptions
  • Speedy delivery
  • Online services
  • Guaranteed accuracy

When you work with our talented transcribers, we guarantee your needs will be met. Your success in your professional field is of paramount importance to us. Our goal is to create a long-lasting relationship with you and to support your international business goals.


Online Transcription Service

Have you been searching for the best professional transcription services in the U.S? Then look no further! 

EPIC Translations online transcription service has become the paradigm of what it means to offer exceptional work to clients. We value our reputation and seek to continually improve it by providing the highest standard of services of any transcription company. 

Reach out today to one of our representatives who will be able to answer any questions you may have. And if you’re ready to get started, just  out the easy quote form or give us a call: 734-786-8293!


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