Benefits of outsourcing your translation needs

Consider the following scenarios:

  1. Does your company have operations in multiple countries?
  2. Does your company have patents that you’d like to file in other countries?
  3. Does your company outsource manufacturing to other countries?
  4. Is your company involved in a legal dispute in another country?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then there is a good chance that your company will need translation services.  The question then becomes should you hire translator(s) in your company or should you partner with a translation company?

It often doesn’t make lot of financial sense for companies to have a in-house translation team simply because of the amount of effort required for a production ready translation.  Another reason why lot of companies don’t have a in-house translation team is because there may not be a consistent need.   In 99.5% of the cases, it makes better financial sense to partner with a translation company.  No matter how sporadic or often the needs may be; having a reliable partner for your translation needs will definitely be an advantage for you due to some or all of the following reasons:

  1. Translation companies have ample supply of well qualified translators
  2. Translation companies have a very well practiced quality control process in place
  3. Translation companies can often meet very tight deadlines
  4. Some translation companies give you the ability to check the status of your projects in real time.

In the case of EPIC Translations, you will certainly be able to log in to our portal and check the status of your project in real time.  We also have a proprietary quality control process in place that ensures that the translation will be production ready.

Bottom line:  it can make lot of financial sense for your company to outsource your translation needs.