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Need global SEO results? Work with your local LSP.

Companies of all sizes are expanding globally. After all, ninety five percent (95%) of world’s consumers live outside of the USA. One question that you have to address as you expand to other countries is search engine optimization (SEO) in order to reach your target audience.

Some consultants, for a variety of reasons, prefer to hire someone in the target country for SEO. While this preference might sound correct on paper, but in practice it poses lot of challenges and difficulties, such as:

  1. How will you determine the best translation for your preferred keywords?
  2. How will you measure results in the target country without a dedicated resource?
  3. If you plan to do organic SEO by writing lot of content, how will you ensure it will connect with your target audience?

These are questions that have no easy answers if you work with a SEO company in the target country instead of your local LSP.

Working with your local LSP provides many benefits:

  1. Your local LSP has a better understanding of your company and operations.
  2. Your local LSP has better familiarity with your preferred terminology and content.
  3. Most importantly, your local LSP has existing relationships with the necessary resources in the target country that you will be able to leverage in order to get better results.

EPIC Translations has translators and interpreters in significant areas of expertise in every country on the planet. These are the types of existing relationships that you can leverage when you’re expanding globally.

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