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Need for company specific terminology

Preferred Language Services Provider

Many small to mid-sized businesses are depending more on sales and revenues from outside of the USA. As a result, they’re deepening their relationship with the preferred language services provider. While this is a crucial relationship, something that’s even more crucial is taking the time to develop terminology that is specific to your company.

This will help you in a few ways:

  1. Faster internal reviews of the translated documents;
  2. Setting standards for your preferred language services provider;
  3. Consistency throughout the various documents.

All of the above mentioned are very important, but if I was to rate the most important reason; I’d have to say that it’s “Consistency throughout the various documents.”

Acquiring Translation Services

When you’re targeting a market outside of the USA, it is very important to be not only accurate in your message but to show consistency as well. To that end, taking the time to develop your terminology as a reference point will go long ways in ensuring consistency in your message. Developing your preferred terminology will eventually lead to creating your company specific Translation Memory. Both will help in long-term cost reductions when it comes to acquiring translation services.

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