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Multi-lingual Glossary of Idioms

Multi-lingual Glossary of Idioms

I would like to introduce to the translators community WikIdioms , the new project aimed at creating multi-lingual glossaries of different kinds. We have started with idiomatic expressions, thus the name.

One of the major challenges of translation is proper translation of collocations of different breeds: idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, fixed expressions, multi-word terms etc. WikIdioms is envisioned as an aid in this challenge.

The following principles have guided the creation of the project:

Translation by humans:

With all the progress of MT, such delicate task as finding equivalents to multi-word expressions across the languages can be currently carried out only by humans translators. Our content is created solely by professional translators.


The usage potential is endless. We are open to supporting new languages, new types of expressions, new professional domains etc.


There are zillions of online references and translations aids, which provide tons of information, not all of which is really needed by the visitor. WikIdioms is not trying to flood the user with the deluge of weakly related information. We give the equivalent of the sought term in the relevant language, c’est tous.

The project is young and this is the time to cooperate and contribute. First, your feedback is welcome and important. Second, if you find the idea promising, you are welcome to partner with us (please answer privately). Third, welcome to WikIdioms and spread the word.

Shared from a Group discussion on LinkedIn

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