Document translations and Interpretations for the Healthcare & Medical Devices industry


Did you know that all 50 states have legal regulations pertaining to language access in healthcare settings?

“Since 2000, the segment of the U.S. population that speaks a language other than English has increased by more than 8 million, bringing the total to nearly 55 million. Forty-four percent of this group, or 24 million, has a limited understanding of English (United States Census Bureau, 2006). Nationally, one in five (19.7 percent) say they speak a language other than English at home, compared to 17.9 percent in 2000. These numbers are important because clear communication is a cornerstone of patient safety and quality health care.”

Translating healthcare related content requires unparalleled attention to details, subject matter expertise, and compliance with privacy and regulatory guidelines.

EPIC Translations has been servicing medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurance companies, home healthcare agencies, and individual patients for nearly a decade. Following are a sample of the types of documents that we have translated for our Healthcare & Medical Device clients:

  • Regulatory Compliance Documents for Europe and Asia
  • Installation and Operating Manuals
  • Patents & Contracts
  • Software Application Interfaces and Documentation
  • Software Testing
  • Inserts and Labels
  • Marketing Brochures
  • HR Policies
  • Directions for Use (DFUs)
  • Reference Guides
  • Web Content
  • Disclaimers
  • Presentations
  • Release Notes

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