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Dongan Electric Manufacturing Company

EPIC Translations provides on-site interpretation services in all countries where our clients operate.

Dongan Electric Manufacturing Company is a manufacturer of high quality Transformers and other Power Quality Equipment. They have been in business since 1909 and are headquartered in Detroit. Dongan was established in Albany, New York in 1909 as the Dongan Electric Instrument Company. Their first products were ammeters and voltmeters for the growing automotive business. Dongan was acquired by Lyle J. Hicks in 1909, who had been working as an electrical engineer for General Electric Company in Schenectady, New York. Dongan was then moved to Detroit, Michigan in 1911 and renamed Dongan Electric Manufacturing Company.

Dongan went on a Gold Key mission in July 2011 to Shanghai and Nanjing, China to look for new distributors and customers to expand their sales in China. Until this trip, their China sales have all been through Internet without much effort form Dongan. There needed to be a follow-up trip to Shanghai to make presentations and cement the relationships with the select few new clients. Dongan needed to conduct training meetings and set some future action dates and targets during these meetings. EPIC Translations was selected to provide interpretive services in Shanghai, China in order to move Dongan towards a new chapter in its long and successful history. According to Dongan’s Director of International Sales, “since very few of our customers in China speak English we needed language translation services which made it very easy for us to conduct the meetings and have open discussions. Your translator worked very well for us and I ended up bringing her to lunch with us and our customer.”


  1. The interpreter should have Electrical / Engineering / Business experience and education;
  2. The interpreter should have a solid command of the English language and terminology related to the client’s industry.


EPIC Translations was able to successfully fulfill Dongan’s requirements by supplying a well-qualified interpreter with experience and education in Electrical Engineering. Additionally, our interpreter was very well versed in conducting business meetings between Chinese and American firms.  The interpreter not only interpreted presentations and frank discussions, but she helped to enhance the business relationship by creating a friendly environment where both sides could have frank discussions about the business relationship.


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