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Is Your Company Ignoring Potential Clients?

If your company does not have their website translated into multiple languages, the answer is YES!

Website Localization – Convert Prospective into Customers

The internet has opened up the global marketplace to companies large and small in almost every industry imaginable.  A company that takes the extra step of translating their website, reaches those potential clients in their native languages, which helps promote the corporate brand and message much more effectively. Website localizations is the term used to define adjusting a corporate website to appeal to a foreign language market, which involves translation of the text itself, as well as any important cultural modifications to the content and images.

The widespread use of the Internet in the last decade has increased dramatically, resulting in an Internet where most users speak a language other than English. Despite this fact, only a very small percentage of companies make the choice to translate their website into other languages.

Why are most sites only available in a single language? There are several factors that come into play.

  • Cost: The cost of “localizing” a website into multiple languages can be significant because it requires utilizing professional translators, desktop publishers, and IT professionals.
  • Time:  Hiring and interacting with the various professionals needed to translate your website is an enormous undertaking, and many employees do not have the time to take on this task, along with their day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Value: Many companies may not be aware of the advantages website localization has to offer, and therefore, may not see the value in spending their time and money.

Smart, forward-thinking companies, however, have realized that the cost and time of website localizations open up an entirely new marketplace, full of people that understand the company’s message, and feel at ease because the information is presented to them in a language and culture they understand.

Website Localizations Service Provider – EPIC Translations

At EPIC Translations, we make the complex undertaking of website localizations as streamlined as possible for our clients by handling every step of the process from translation, to desktop publishing, and IT. Our clients don’t have to worry about the time and cost of hiring and monitoring various firms for their localization requests. All of our professional localization translators are website translation specialists and translate only into their native language.

The finished product is a website that has global appeal, with a corporate message that is marketed specifically for each language based on cultural variations, resulting in a strong international image and increased profits.

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