Financial translations with approved terminology!


In your multi-national business you will have a annual report in Japanese. Or your bank statements in German. Or your financial statements in French. Or your auditor’s reports in Spanish. Or you might be looking to take your business to new frontiers such as the Middle East, Africa, or Asia. Whatever the case might be, know that EPIC Translations is your best source for translating your financial documents. Our financial translators have been carefully vetted for each language and have prior experience in the various Finance arenas and are fully aware of the financial regulations that have to be represented in the translation of your documents.

Focus on your brand!
EPIC Translations is more than just a typical translation services company, we partner with you in fully understanding your translation needs and create a streamlined process that is specific to your company. Our financial translations are affordable and will enable you to take your business further by using an integrated approach. We not only provide you an accurate translation, but we help you in building a stronger brand and increase your intellectual property by creating a translation memory (TM) that is specific to your company’s approved terminology.

We offer you a single point of contact for all of your projects and enable you to submit your requests via our secure portal and then track your requests in real time. This will not only help you in meeting your global challenges, but it will also help you to stay a few steps ahead of your competitors!

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