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EPIC Translations supports economic development agencies

(Plymouth, MI) – As an ever growing company, EPIC Translations has countlessly confirmed the value they add to both early and mature businesses when wanting to attain global market share. They offer vital support to company goals such as expansion and growth in the global marketplace.



“Our linguistic resources from around the world have cultivated specialized expertise and we can guarantee highly skilled document translations with the customer’s interest at the forefront of every project”, says Virk who is the Founder & CEO of EPIC Translations. “This is a winning mixture for any and all companies wishing to succeed in new markets. After all, it takes more than just the ability to translate when wanting to dive into the global economy.”

EPIC Translations also provides support to economic development organizations. With the current momentum in global markets and the expected implementation of TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) treaty between 12 nations that account for 35% of global GDP, EPIC Translations is here to ease, support and guide companies while expanding to new horizons.

The trend of business today involves economic-development organizations mobilizing their efforts and resources for companies to expand to their given region. Without proper translations that are culturally and contextually relevant, this task is quite daunting. This, however, is where EPIC Translations excels. Partnering with economic-development organizations has allowed an opportunity for many businesses to enter new markets where they would not have otherwise.

Currently, EPIC Translations is assisting state economic-development organizations to bring companies to the US by working with Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Arabic, and Brazilian-Portuguese fluent businesses. These languages are only an example of EPIC Translations’ capability to translate over 180 languages.

EPIC Translations bridges the gap between global markets and allows for infinite potential growth once the barriers of language have been brought down.

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