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Why companies hire EPIC Translations

Ever wonder why companies hire EPIC Translations?

EPIC Translations provides professional document translation service to global brands to connect them with target audiences in their native languages. Recently, we asked our clients how document translations have helped their businesses. These individuals support their company’s missions as Marketing Managers, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and HR Managers. While their roles are different, their answers prove they have common needs we have been able to meet.

Our research has revealed that companies working with EPIC Translations for their professional document translation needs are able to be flexible in new markets.

Our clients enjoy the flexibility of working with EPIC Translations on a need-based system. When faced with a new business opportunity, they are able to partner with EPIC Translations to translate and localize new user guides, promotional materials, news releases, and more in the local language of their potential customers. A business that can adapt to new and changing markets is necessary for the new global marketplace.

 We accurately communicate with all employees in their global companies.

In today’s global economy, companies are able to work with individuals all over the world who speak many different languages. Through translation, important information is shared in local languages, reducing confusion and improving productivity. By centralizing the translation services, one client was able to ensure local teams were free to focus on the business, rather than expending effort translating documents for other employees.  One Legal Programs Manager reported, “If my department is able to provide accurate/timely translations to our local teams, it frees them up to do what it is they do. We can also ensure that we control the message to ensure its integrity.” Using our document translation services team provided confidence in the quality of the translated documents.

EPIC Translations effectively connect with customers worldwide.

According to our clients, having product documentation prepared in a variety of languages helped them expand their businesses into new markets quickly. By lifting the burden of translation for their customers, they can present their product with ease and clarity, creating more opportunities to make a sale. One Executive Vice President stated, “Our company is located in Switzerland. The native language of most employees is German. Customers in America greatly prefer documents translated from German into English for review.” With the help of EPIC Translations, this company is meeting their customers’ needs in a new way. By providing engineering documents or instructional manuals in multiple languages, companies make their products more accessible and provide for greater safety and ease of use across the globe. Customers often report better experiences and have more positive views of the company when receiving content in their native language.

Strength in the three areas above is vital when providing services and products to a global audience. Language is an integral part of our shared human experience, and every language is beautifully unique. Our clients know the value of every word and choose to protect the integrity of their documents by using a professional document translation services. They know that software translation tools are unable to communicate nuances behind their words. EPIC Translations can take a manual, news release, website, article, internal memorandum, and more from an original language into the local language of your partners, employees, and customers. People build companies and global networks through language. It is language that connects us all in this worldwide marketplace.


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