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Mergers and Acquisitions Require Accurate Document Translations

It’s necessary to make use of high quality document translations to provide your business with the documents you need to maintain and grow your organization’s market share.

Today’s world requires nearly all industries to rely more heavily on global markets.  By doing so, you’ll be able to establish a reputation as a top tier organization—and you’ll be able to engage your international clients much more persuasively.

For these and other reasons, mergers and acquisitions will become both more numerous and more complex on an international scale. While certain nations may be turning toward more domestic goals economically in some ways, nearly all of them will have a strong incentive to increase their foreign direct investments and their exports. Even those that prefer a much more insular economy will find themselves struggling to compete without doing so.

EPIC Translations has been helping the world’s industry leaders with document translations for global markets in Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and many others around the world.

we enter into a partnership with our clients to manage document translations of important information like management talking points, FAQs, press releases, customer announcements and more. EPIC specializes in many different language pairs, including English to German and English to Spanish. Our flawless translations have helped facilitate many an acquisition or merger.

document translations for mergers and acquisitions

Why Acquisition Documents Require Professional Document Translations

When your company has excelled in its field, it may catch the eye of another successful company—either an organization that is related to your industry indirectly or a competitor. As global marketplaces shift in their focus it can become advantageous for organizations to merge (or acquire one another) to combine their forces to achieve even greater success. And often, this success is predicated on being able to function at a high level in a global environment.

When this happens, communication becomes key so that both organizations know what the other’s expectations are, and to be able to communicate smoothly—especially when challenges arise. These challenges can be expected even when both companies use the same source language; when they don’t it can be much more complex.  Not only do document translations need to be meticulously accurate to aid in negotiations, they need to be completed according to an aggressive schedule.

document translations for mergers and acquisitions

Flawless Translations and Lasting Relationships

Today, it is not unheard of for a relatively tiny independent company to rise to the status of international powerhouse almost overnight.

Companies must recognize the critical importance of having a reliable and document translation service on call. Machine-based translations cannot compete with human document translations provided by EPIC, because they lack the ability to provide contextually accurate as a well as technically accurate translations.

Our clients such as Guardian Industries, RotoMetrics, and Minth Group require nearly every imaginable language pair to provide all types of translations: safety instruction sheets, marketing collateral, internal communication documents, end of year documents, financial and investment documents, internal surveys, and much, much more.

Your organization may need a translation service that they can depend on, and they may require one which is proficient in providing exceptional translation work in multiple language pairs. One of our clients, for example, requires translation to or from all of the following languages:

By partnering with EPIC, they know that no matter what their expanding business brings them, they have a translation service with a sterling reputation that delivers, by their side.

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