Document Translations for Your Company

What do Maxcess, Snap-on, Emerson, BrandSafway, and Trimble all have in common?

They partner with EPIC Translations for document translation services for 150 + languages and 20,000 + human translators.

They’ve streamlined multilingual communications with employees, customers, and business partners for the following translation services:

  1. Document translations
  2. Website localization
  3. On-site / Virtual interpretations
  4. Machine Translation Post Edit (MTPE)
  5. DTP using Adobe Creative Suite
  6. Multilingual video captioning
  7. AI data collections

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We bring to the table specialized translators, content writers, software testers, video editors, DTP specialists, and software localizers so you could stay a few steps ahead of competitors.

EPIC Translations has a verifiable history of producing high-quality, on time, within budget, and production ready translation services for our clients.

Ready to dive in? Whether you’ve got a product catalog, engineering manual, or legal contract, EPIC Translations is here to support your translation needs.