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EPIConsistency: A New Tool to Ensure Document Translation Consistency

Translating a single document is an easy task for EPIC Translations. With a roster of more than 20,000 experienced human translators, we can get the job done professionally and accurately.

But we understand that client jobs are rarely one-offs — each of our clients may have a large number of documents that require translation, and every new document translation project should feel like it’s part of the larger whole. The terminology, style and tone should be maintained from one document to the next. At EPIC Translations we pride ourselves on document translation consistency, and to further ensure that every new project matches up with your brand and preferences, we’ve created a new tool that enables us to routinely deliver consistency: EPIConsistency.

The way a company presents itself to its customers and other stakeholders through words is part of its brand. So if your translations don’t match from one document to the next, your brand messaging will lack coherency. EPIConsistency was created to end that worry. This smart tool allows our human translators to easily access previous translations — both source segments and target segments — from a comprehensive database. It scans the new documents that need translation, and, if the source segment matches, it’s able to use the existing translation of the segment to ensure document translation consistency. This means that word choice, writing style and overall tone in your newly translated document neatly matches the work EPIC Translations has done for you previously.

For example, let’s say you have a new product manual that needs to be translated. If you don’t take into account earlier pieces translated for the same product, the tone and style could be entirely different, making the newly translated manual feel like it’s out of place. This can cause confusion at best and make your company look unprofessional at worst. But when you partner with EPIC Translations and our revolutionary EPIConsistency tool, your new translation will feel fully in place with all previous translations. Your customers won’t be confused, and your product marketing campaign will move forward as you intended.

Document translation consistency also shows foreign markets and customers that you are serious about doing business with them. When they read your marketing, legal documents, websites, manuals and more, they’ll know that you’ve not just taken the time to create contextually accurate translations, you’ve done your best to keep your translations of the same style and tone they’ve come to expect from you. This level of professionalism helps to keep the customers you already have and makes the right impression on potential new customers.

When it comes to professional document translation, don’t just settle for accuracy — turn to EPIC Translations for consistency in terminology, style and tone. With our proprietary tool, EPIConsistency, you can be assured that every document will match what has come before it in terms of word choice, flow and readability. Because when it comes to doing business in foreign markets, you need more than reliable translation services — you need EPIConsistency.


document translation consistency


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