Document Security: Network Log Forensics Analysis

EPIC Translations was hired by an existing client to provide network log forensics analysis.

EPIC Translations was approached by an existing client to provide network log forensics analysis. The client had an indication that a competitor had accessed their network and viewed proprietary business information and documents. EPIC Translations faced multiple challenges in performing the analysis on the network logs due to several reasons. The client did not have an explicit time frame of when this event occurred. This caused the text log file data set to be over 8 Gigabytes in size.The dataset was also incomplete due to missing logs, making it more difficult to build an accurate timeline of events. The client was also unsure of all IP address ranges of the competitor.

The consultants at EPIC Translations first had to find all associated IP address ranges of the competitor. Once that was established, the data set was divided up to make searching more efficient. Our consultants then created a command line tool to parse log files for relevant data. Due to the sheer volume of data the extraction took multiple days.

After data extraction was performed it was determined the competitor had indeed accessed the network after the close of business hours. EPIC Translations was able to provide concrete evidence that supported our client’s claim.


  • Due to the fact that our client is taking legal action against their competitor who hacked their network to steal proprietary business information, we cannot reveal any names.
  • EPIC Translations is a language services provider, however, we have network security expertise that allows us to make sure our clients’ network is secure and safe as they expand internationally to expand their global market share.

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