Localization of Your Website Leads to Greater Market Share

Localization of your website should be among the first projects you undertake as you start to expand your brand globally. Why? Because your localized website is often the first contact your global customers have with your company, it is critical that you are able to engage with them effectively on both a literal and contextual level in their own language via correctly localized website.

One important aspect of competing in today’s global economy is the ability to reach customers that speak different languages in different countries. Communication across languages can be rife with challenges—misunderstandings and even unintentional insults can cause confusion and alienate you from your customers. When selling your products in foreign countries you want to put your best face forward because it will have the greatest effect on your brand image and product sales.

When promoting your company’s products and services in global markets; it becomes a basic requirement being able to engage with your audience in their target language, and more than that, with cultural sensitivity and context. Your localized website is often the first contact your global customers have with your company, so it is critical that you are able to engage with them effectively on both a literal and contextual level in their own language. For example, RotoMetrics wanted to engage their clients directly via undergoing website localization projects into multiple languages. This not only enhanced their brand visibility, it also improved their standing among their competitors.

Localization makes this possible. It ensures that your website doesn’t just transmit necessary information to your audience, but does so in a way that sounds natural to your potential customers—and it will put you leaps and bounds ahead of competitors that don’t take the time to do so. Expert localization can take into account not only linguistic differences, but differences in customs and cultural norms when translating English to French content.

Localizing a website requires more than technical linguistic understanding. It requires an expert look into how the language is used every day in a region, and how subtle linguistic choices can influence purchasing decisions specifically within your industry. Classroom knowledge is not enough; most advanced localization services require the input of those who have lived experience in a certain region or culture. Understanding the subtle distinctions of context when you translate English to German requires an expertise that many do not possess.

Because of this, it’s critical to partner with a experienced document translation company that has this expertise—the skill required to expand your existing market and to open new ones for your company. A partner that has a team that can successfully execute your need for translation services as well as deep familiarity with cultures and customs around the world can help you localize your website so that it engages your customers in the most effective manner possible.

That’s exactly what EPIC Translations does. EPIC offers clients comprehensive, turnkey solutions to localize your organization’s website. EPIC Translations can provide both the linguistic and cultural knowledge to translate your website in a way that avoids communication pitfalls while getting the heart of your message across.

Our experienced language and cultural teams have an in-depth understanding of local languages—an understanding built on native-level knowledge of the language and culture and history. We ensure that our teams understand the intent of your source documents and flawlessly translate that intent into the localized translation. This expertise will ensure that your site is comprehensible and comfortable to native speakers and creates a strong relationship that encourages sales growth.

Finally, EPIC takes the time to understand your company itself, to fully communicate your message. EPIC Translations localizes your business’s site as if it were a business local to the region.

EPIC Translation services can be the lynchpin for building your organization’s market in new locations, giving you a competitive edge when engaging new audiences in such a way that they feel at home.

These types of relationships grow sales and present your business with increased opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach without a localized website.

The work that EPIC Translations is known for has led to a sterling reputation with leading global businesses, and means that you can depend on us for the localization your organization needs to excel. Contact EPIC Translations today, and discover how we help your business expand its horizons.

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