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We’re passionate about the work we do for the clients. We are driven by our promise to ensure flawless quality of translated documents for your business to help you sustain your global brand and to stay ahead of competitors.

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    EPIC Translations has been translating content for the following industries since 2005:

    1. Industrial Manufacturing
    2. Automotive
    3. Technology
    4. Legal Services
    5. Education
    6. Life Sciences / Medical
    7. Defense
    8. Banking / Finance
    9. Chemicals / Scientific
    10. Gaming
    11. Travel / Hospitality

    We focus on accurate, quick, and production-ready translations and our clients have come to expect excellent work every single time.

    What languages do you support?

    We have the ability to support 400+ languages, such as French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, and Swedish. We also have the ability to support some of the most rare languages. All in all, no matter what language you need support for, EPIC Translations has the ability to support your needs. We have 20,000+ translators located throughout the world that are ready to support your translation needs.

    Virtual Interpretations

    Our industry-leading expertise ensures that you will have the correct interpreter at the right time for all of your interpreting needs. Organizations across the USA rely on us for interpretation support for 350+ languages for conferences, legal proceedings, classrooms, hospitals, speeches, meetings, and events. We support all modern platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Team, or Google Meet.

    Website Content Localization

    Our Website Localization services include website copy, color scheme, navigation features, and graphics. Our goal is to perfectly localize your message for your target audience in terms of culture and language. Our website translation staff is not only skilled at localizing website content, but we also consider the significance of country-specific SEO recommendations, particularly when they pertain to your industry.

    AI Software Translations

    It’s no secret that using AI software translation tools can translate text rapidly and consistently. And if you use human in the loop workflow where qualified translators modify the translation to make it readable, you can get the best of both worlds. Is this a right approach for your company? You be the judge of that. Read more here.


    Human Translations

    Human translations are ideal if you need a flawless translation for product manuals, website copy, legal agreements, HR policies, financial statements, and marketing material.

    We bring to the table 20,000+ human translators located throughout the world. Our vetted, qualified, and experienced translators deliver hassle free and accurate translations that align with your company’s preferences for terminology, style, and tone.


    Are you able to interface with our systems and procedures?

    Certainly. Our onboarding procedure and committed project managers make the localization process easy. On the technical side, we already deal with some of the most widely used technologies in the sector, such as Relativity. Every business and legal situation is different. Our legal technical and linguistical resources are prepared to create solutions specifically for you and your clients.

    Do you utilize machine translation or AI tools for legal documents?

    Yes, of course! Fast, secure translations are provided by 3rd party machine translation / AI tool, which is a great choice for speeding up text-intensive tasks like discovery. That makes things easier for our translators and gives them more time to focus on keeping subtleties in challenging source texts. A secure and accurate self-service machine translation / AI technology is being developed by EPIC Translations and should be ready soon.

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