Discover How We’ve Helped Clients Translate German to English

We live in a global economy. As markets shift, more and more business is conducted outside of the borders of our home country. Over the past five years, EPIC Translations has helped German companies Translate German to English with ease, accuracy, and efficiency.

Let’s look at some of the ways businesses have used our first-in-class expertise to translate German to English.

Engineering Manuals

Internationally, consumers and businesses recognize that German engineering is some of the best there is. We’ve helped those same companies translate their engineering manuals to English as they continue to increase their global market share. We’ve made sure their English-speaking customers completely understood how to use their German-made equipment.

Legal Contracts and Agreements

International contracts and agreements must be translated contextually accurate. There is absolutely no room for error with these. Language and context varies significantly between cultures, which is why German companies have routinely used EPIC Translations for our accurate legal translations. We understand those important nuances and make sure all important details cross challenging language barriers.

Technical Specifications

The English language is complex. It has lots of words that are spelled the same way but mean something different. When translating technical specifications, German companies have relied time and time again on EPIC Translations to get it right. We make sure your German technical jargon makes sense in English.

EPIC Translation helps German companies translate German to English for a wide variety of documents

User Manuals

Some companies have chosen to simplify their user manuals to nothing more than pictures. Unfortunately, this often leads to consumer frustration. German businesses have used us to translate German to English for their user manuals. Don’t leave your buyers confused: we’ll make sure it makes sense in English!

Website Copy

With changing laws, including GDRP requirements, German companies need an expert translation company to stay compliant with privacy laws. Frequently, they turn to EPIC Translations for help. We’ll make sure that your website content not only communicates the proper tone but also remains compliant with GDRP laws.

Product Designs

Believe it or not, product designs can vary between countries. When deciding how to market a product to English-speaking consumers, German companies rely on us to accurately translate German to English their product designs as they work to upgrade their existing products as well as to introduce new ones to their customers. Don’t release something in England or the United States that doesn’t comply with local laws or cultural norms. Let us help you cross those bridges!

Medical Reports

As some consumers have begun to regularly cross international borders for health treatment, accurate German to English translations for medical records is unbelievably important. You want to make sure the doctors in other countries know how to treat your patients. German and American hospitals and other medical professionals know that they can rely on 100% accurate German to English translations for all of their medical records.

Marketing Collateral

Collectively, German companies have spent millions of dollars to produce their sales and marketing materials. But they’ve also recognized the importance of not letting that go to waste. That’s why they have often turned to EPIC Translations to make sure their print, web, and other kinds of media are accurately translated into English!

EPIC Translation helps German companies translate German to English for a wide variety of documents

EPIC Translations is proud to adhere to ISO 17100:2015 translation quality standard.

Our team of experienced translators can help you translate German to English for a wide variety of documents. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

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