Computer-Aided Real-Time Transcription (CART) for University of Michigan

How can we help deaf and hard of hearing people enjoy life to the fullest? There aren’t any simple or easy answers, but Computer-Aided Real-Time Transcription (CART) is one of the possibilities that universities / organizations all around the country use the most. Read below to see how we help University of Michigan for their CART service needs.

Use of the CART Service is universal. Advisory council or board meetings, school settings, on-the-job training, legislative hearings, workshops, judicial procedures, etc. are all common places where CART Services are used in group meetings. Moreover, CART Service can be utilized in a variety of other situations, including as job interviews, meetings between a supervisor and an employee, doctor appointments, encounters with lawyers and other professionals, settings for adult education, therapy sessions, church services, and so forth.

What is CART Service?

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is a process of converting speech into text through a third party (CART writer). A qualified CART writer or stenographer converts spoken word into written text using a keyboard or stenographic machine, which is then transferred onto a computer monitor or video screen for viewing. Several captioning services offer remote CART and internet captioning, which allows the CART writer to listen in on the event even when they are not physically present there.

CART Projection Service may be offered if the hard-of-hearing person also has low eyesight. CART Projection Services come in various forms, such as:

  • Overhead display
  • Display made possible by computer monitor(s)

CART services from EPIC Translations

Paying for CART Service

The provision of effective communication for the deaf and hard of hearing is mandated by numerous state and federal laws, which also apply to state and federal agencies, the courts, consultants, doctors, lawyers, therapists, hospitals, museums, libraries, police departments, fire departments, colleges, events of a town, employers, and many other entities. CART Service is one sort of auxiliary service that might be required to ensure efficient communication, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

CART Service Cost

Fees for CART services are determined by a candidate’s credentials, work history, and type of job assignment. The costs shown below are rough ranges; for jobs in the private sector, costs are defined by the individual Service providers.

Minimum fee of $190 to $200 for the first two hours (normally it’s more); extra fees for projection equipment and transcript file delivery. All attendees must be made aware at the beginning of the meeting or event that a transcript output will be created if the requester requested it.

University of Michigan Ann Arbor and EPIC Translations CART Service

University of Michigan and EPIC Translations

University of Michigan has had success with their hard of hearing students, staff, and instructors by utilizing CART services from EPIC Translations. Together we make sure that hard of hearing folks can live life to the fullest and take part in education, graduations, and meetings.

Working with EPIC Translations gives our clients access to a skilled and knowledgeable group of linguists who are knowledgeable about both the language and the intricacies of various cultures.

We will exert all of our effort on your behalf to develop the best solutions, including ASL, CART, document translation, typesetting, over-the-phone, or on-site interpretations. We make sure that in today’s hyperconnected, interconnected, worldwide environment, your firm can benefit society.

CART services from EPIC Translations are equivalent to building your own knowledgeable staff of specialists to support your operations. EPIC Translations can assist you in maintaining effective communication, whether you require CART services or another language option.


No matter what type of linguistic service you need, EPIC Translations is here to support you. Need a quote today? Fill out the brief form below and we’ll be in touch shortly. Or, give us a call at (888) 214-2053.

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