Translations for global automotive suppliers


EPIC Translations can help you lower your translation costs by up to 40% by designing and creating a translation memory (TM) that is specific to your content. We are experienced in technical drawing specs used by some of the major auto companies and have translated quite a few technical manuals for the auto suppliers across the USA. Moreover, if you have prior translations, we can import those into the TM to maximize your savings and reduce your exposure to risk by ensuring terminology consistency across various types of documents.

Do you have large volume of technical text that needs to be translated? If so, we can help you to further reduce your translation costs, quality risks, and time to market by deploying strategic use of machine translation + post-editing approach. While machine translation + post-editing approach is not ideal for all organizations and all types of text, lot of our automotive clients have greatly benefited by deploying machine translation + post-editing approach where there is large volume of technical text and does not change often.

Our main office is within close proximity to the GM, Chrysler/Fiat, and Ford headquarters and have provided our translation expertise to a variety of Tier I and Tier II automotive suppliers.

EPIC Translations can help you with the follow types of documents for 180 plus languages for your global automotive operations:

  • Catalogs
  • Training and user manuals
  • Service manuals
  • Diagnosis manuals
  • Parts systems
  • Warranty books
  • Electronic database files
  • Marketing brochures
  • Technical documents / bulletins

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