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Reap the Benefits of Dependable Chinese to English Translation Read more

Reap the Benefits of Dependable Chinese to English Translation

To succeed in today’s global market, contextually accurate document translation is every bit as important as the quality of the product or service you are selling. For Chinese companies in the automotive, manufacturing, marketing and legal spaces looking for a competitive advantage, that means partnering with the right company that can deliver dependable Chinese to English translation.

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Life Sciences Requires Precise Translation Services Read more

Accurate Translation Services Means Success in Life Sciences

As the life science field continues its expansion into the global business landscape, the need for contextually accurate translation services is more vital now than ever. That’s why companies in the life science and bioscience sectors are turning to EPIC Translations. We fully understand that the wording in this arena is highly specific, and documents such as educational materials, IP protection, regulatory filings, multilingual marketing and website copy must be translated with absolute accuracy.

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Website Localization Read more

Why Localize Your Website?

As a global brand, large part of competing in the global marketplace is reaching customers that do not speak your language. Increasing your global market share means communicating with customers and potential customers in a way that avoids misunderstandings and confusion or, worse, insults.
Selling your products in foreign markets means marketing in their native language and local understandings. translate English to French And often the first place that marketing will take place is on your website.

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Testing Post

Throughout 2017 and early 2018, EPIC Translations was presented with an opportunity to work with a multinational conglomerate to provide document translation service into a variety of languages.

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