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Interpretation: on-site or on-phone?

Phone Interpretation Service

Companies that need interpretation services often request the interpreter to be available on-site without knowing that there is another option. Successful interpretation can also be performed over the phone. Doing over the phone interpretation can save companies time and money.

In some instances, court hearing, for example, having the interpreter on-site might be the only acceptable option.  But for many other instances such as business meetings, medical evaluations, and emergency situations, having over the phone interpretation service can be a great benefit.

Over the phone interpretation service works like this:

  1. You submit an interpretation request to a language services company such as EPIC Translations
  2. Language services company schedules a conference call
  3. You are provided with a toll-free number and a conference code to dial into the conference
  4. Once all of the parties dial in, the interpreter will be already there ready to interpret for you

EPIC Translations recently serviced the State of Michigan with over the phone interpretation service and it was a great success where the interpreter didn’t have to travel and the State of Michigan was able to lower their costs. It was done thru EPIC Translations’ interpretation service called “EPIConference” where all parties dialled into a pre-scheduled conference call.  This process saved the State of Michigan at least 20% to 25% in their interpretation cost for the project.

The EPIConference system can also record the interpretation session and immediately email the recording as a mp3 file to all of the participants.  Upon request, a transcript of the session can also be provided.

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